Asian Heritage: What is it?

April comes the first-ever Asian Heritage Week initiated by AHN, where Asian communities from across the continents come together and celebrate their heritage. So, what exactly is Asian Heritage, and how can attendees benefit from this occasion? Let’s find out with us!

Asian Heritage 

The Heritage Council defines the term “heritage” as things people inherit from the past, then carefully pass down to future generations. This legacy is the driving force behind shaping individual and cultural identity while paying homage to cultural roots.

AAPI community (Image Source: The Juggernaut)

Asian Heritage represents the cultural legacy protected and preserved through numerous generations within the Asian community, offering valuable insights into both AAPI-specific and broader Asian history, deepening our understanding of ourselves and explaining the influences shaping our existence.

AAPI community (Image Source: PewResearch)

Asian Heritage may vary from tangible to intangible. Tangible heritage includes historical sites, buildings, and artifacts, while intangible heritage comprises customs, traditions, and cultural practices such as music, dance, and folklore.
Why should you attend Asian Heritage Week events?

10th Annual Asian Cultural EXPO (Image Source: AsiaTrend) 

Asian Heritage Week (AHW) is a united platform of vibrant events initiated by AHN to honor the long-lasting heritage, and achievements of the Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. By joining events within the framework of AHW, attendees will receive an abundance of benefits: 

  1. Chances to learn more about Asian diverse cultures

AHW brings together a rich combination of Asian cultures, ranging from music, art to cuisine. Through engaging with these cultural celebrations, you can enrich your knowledge and appreciation for the diverse heritage that makes up our identity.

  1. Acknowledge the history of the Asian diaspora 

The Asian diaspora has a long history of persistence and hardship, leaving significant achievements for global development. AHW is a chance for people to acknowledge the challenges and triumphs of the past, thereby understanding the forces that have shaped Asian communities around the world.

  1. Amplify your own voice, story, and culture to the community

AHW events are a valuable networking opportunity for people of AAPI origin. By participating in the events, you not only meet like-minded people but also showcase the richness of your heritage, and amplify your stories and personal experiences as members of the Asian diaspora. 

The Asian Heritage Week will visit seven major cities across the globe, with the detailed timeline as follows:  

  • New York City  | April 28 – May 5
  • Toronto | May 6 – May 12
  • Los Angeles | May 13 – May 19
  • Vancouver  | May 13 – May 20
  • San Francisco | May 20 – May 26
  • Sydney  | May 27 – June 2
  • Melbourne  | June 3 – June 9

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