Melbourne City Council Supports Asian Heritage Week in Australia

Heading to Australia from May 27 to June 2, the Asian Heritage Week quickly captures the Melbourne City Council’s recognition, welcoming many notable guests including Melbourne City Councillor (Cr.) Jamal Hakim.

Founded in 2023 by AHN, Asian Heritage Week follows the mission of celebrating the rich cultural legacy of Asians and centralizing all community events in the U.S., Australia, and Canada. This is a valuable platform for Asian event hosts to pay tribute to their roots, connect with other business owners, entrepreneurs, or artists, and amplify their events to the community. 

Asian Heritage Week’s Launch Event in Melbourne

Asian Heritage Week will visit Australia from May 27 – June 2. Shortly after its kickoff, the project received generous support from the Melbourne City Council. Asian Heritage Launch, a significant event celebrating the rich culture and remarkable accomplishments of the Asian community, was held on February 22, 2024, welcoming the presence of distinguished figures from Melbourne City Council: Cr. Jamal Hakim and Cr Philip Le Liu.

Cr. Jamal Hakim, Councillor of Melbourne City Council, made a special appearance at the Asian Heritage Launch.

Joining Asian Heritage Launch, Cr. Jamal Hakim expressed his excitement about Asian Heritage Week and the forthcoming events, emphasizing the significance of these heritage events in celebrating cultural roots and strengthening Asian communities.

“Melbourne’s heritage events embrace cultural roots, strengthen the Asian communities, and enrich their spirits,” Cr. Jamal Hakim said. “I’m excited to witness Asian heritage events strengthen communities in Melbourne. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will foster dynamic discussions, fulfill the spiritual life, and actionable outcomes for the businesses and individuals.” 

AHW is now open for registrations from event organizers in Melbourne and Sydney until 30 April 2024

By participating in AHW, event hosts can receive various benefits and support from the AHW team, including:

  1. Opportunity to feature your events prominently across our social channels and newsletter, reaching 250,000 members globally.
  2. Exclusive support with event listing
  3. Networking opportunities: connect with the global Asian diaspora, industry leaders, professionals, and local business communities. 

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